Waltz your way into peace Use music for immediate calming benefits

You are inherently pretentious; your blood pressure levels prove it. That is, if you consider listening to classical music as being pretentious.

A study headed by the University of California, examined which genre of music lowers blood pressure after subjecting participants to stressful conditions. Classical music was found to quickly reduce the listeners’ blood pressure. I’ll be sure to remember that when filing my income taxes.

Listening to classical music can have immediate calming effects.

Music can soothe your soul, as well as your body. It’s effective in setting a calm ambiance in your home after a long, hard day of school or work. Soft classical music inspires clarity of mind, which is perfect for alleviating stress.

Best classical pieces for stress relief

  • Satie: Trois Gymnopédies
  • Johann Strauss II: The Blue Danube
  • Debussy: Clair De Lune
  • Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata
  • Chopin: Raindrops
  • Liszt: Liebesträume
  • Johann Strauss II: Rosen aus dem Süden

I have these pieces and others in a playlist on my Spotify. I usually play it while I’m driving home because it’s the perfect way to unwind and make the commute more pleasant. I highly doubt that you can have road rage while you’re listening to Debussy’s Claire De Lune.

Try listening to soft classical music in your daily commute.

While classical music is a wonderful way to infuse peace into your life, there are other calming sounds that you can listen to, if you want variation in your playlists.

Peaceful sounds:

  • Rain/soft thunderstorms
  • Gentle waves on rocks
  • Tropical rainforest sounds
  • Soft breeze
Sleep peacefully with soothing white noise playing in the background.

These sounds create white noise that will enhance your mood and will help you ease into a peaceful slumber at night. You can play these sounds on a sound machine to prevent battery depletion on your mobile device. Walmart sells a HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine, which has great reviews. I did purchase this exact model years ago, and it was my favourite device (sadly, I lost it in a move).

What’s your favourite music or sound to help you relax?


  1. This blog is great Zohra! I could not agree more that classical music is a great way to reduce blood pressure and relax you. When I was dancing I was always the most relaxed when taking my ballet classes.

  2. I love your topic. Especially this one! I am interested in classical music and I agree with you about it helps to get relaxed. My favorite one is ‘Alla Turca’ from Mozart. We know that song as Turkish March since he was inspired by the sound of Turkish horsemen when he was writing that song. I will definitely listen to your suggestions.

    1. Thanks Dicle!I’m glad you enjoyed my blog.
      I LOVE that piece! I have always known it as “Turkish Rondo.” I love the energy it brings.

  3. I love this post. I’m a big fan of classical music. Besides helping me relax, I find it really helpful when I need to focus during a work session. An elementary school teacher used to always play classical music during our class work periods – good memories. Apparently, it has something to do with the rhythms and tonal patterns that help slow brainwaves. I look forward to reading more tips 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful Rebecca!
      I’ve been listening to classical music since I was in grade school, so I also have good memories. Heck, I even had a brief stint playing the trombone in high school haha.

  4. Hey Zohra! I usually vent out my feelings with music to calm myself down. Depending on my mood it can be something heavier than classical but I do listen to light music closer to classical style once in a while. I will give these a shot the next time I need to relax though. I could use all of these tips!

  5. Well said Zohra, Classical music is the only way to take out all your stress and specially after school. I do it everyday.

  6. My brother is a big fan of classical music, I will be passing this information along to him to see what he thinks.

    1. Yeah there is scientific evidence to support classical music. Some people claim that you can head bang to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, maybe I did that?

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