Amazing Self-Massage Tips and More How to relax at home and in the work place without making a spectacle of yourself

Life Hack: you don’t have to spend lots of money on massage appointments. You can do it yourself to achieve similar results. That’s right, you are a self-reliant person.

While we can all agree that massage feels sinfully good and it makes you feel so relaxed, there are undeniable health benefits. Even that doctor who staunchly disagrees with alternative medicine and treatments will admit to the health benefits of massage. That says A LOT about the effectiveness of massage.

The Mayo Clinic states that there are some studies that indicate that massage is effective in:

  • Reducing stress
  • Combating headaches
  • Relieving insomnia related stress
  • Easing myofascial pain syndrome.

The above list is to name a few of the benefits of massage therapy.

Effective massage is not about a rub down of your muscles. Rather, there are several techniques and targets spots that will reduce you to a pool of putty. Buzzfeed offers 11 easy self-massage tips that will make you feel great.

I am a huge fan of reflexology because it gives me fast relief of muscle tension and can be done at my desk, while I’m in the throes of stress and pain.  The Toronto School of TCM displays the best pressure points for sleep and relaxation.

This head massager is a must have. Keep one at your work desk for on the go relief.

Some items you should have at your home to help you with self-massage are:

  • Rolling pin
  • Head massager
  • Tennis balls
  • Resistance band.

These tools can be found in your local dollar store.

After your bath (add some epsom salts or a few drops of lavender essential oil for added calming benefits) or a hot shower, remember to do your own TLC by trying out the massage and reflexology tips in this post.

Add epsom salts and or lavender oil to your bath for added relief.

Instead of going into panic mode or gritting your teeth out of frustration at your work place, don’t forget to try out these quick reflexology tips and or using the head massager. It might save your job and prevent jail time.


    1. Great question!

      Burning cheap quality incense sticks and or ones with lots of artificial products are very harmful for your lungs. If you like incense sticks, please burn the ones that are top quality and with real essential oils. Doing that will be good for your mind and body…an added benefit is that what we like to smell is often an effective bug repellent. Warm weather is almost here to stay, so you can burn those incense sticks on your patio for great ambiance and to keep the bugs away.

  1. Hi Zohra!
    I have a lot of issues with my upper and back and my feet so I’ll definitely be using the reflexology tips provided in your post to alleviate some of the stress. Thanks!

  2. I just bookmarked your blog! No kidding, this blog is absolutely great. I’m good at giving massages and with this i just got to step my game up a notch!
    Great Job Zohra!

  3. Hi Zohra, I really enjoyed reading this post! I will definitely have to give some of these relaxation hacks a try!

  4. It’s amazing the difference that a massage can make. Thanks for sharing about some ways that people can experience the same benefits without having to pay so much!

  5. What a great blog Zohra, I loved reading through these helpful tips. I will definitely have to try some of these out!

  6. I love that head massager, but I didn’t know about the other simple things you can use for the massage. Thanks for the useful tips Zohra!

  7. I have tried the head massager and you are right it is a one thing which everyone should have on their work desk .

  8. The theme of the post is so relaxing; towels, candles, a massager. Also the massage therapy details are so useful. I need these things ASAP :D.

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