Organization is the Key to Tranquility How clutter can prevent you from attaining peace

CLEAN YOUR ROOM. These are the nagging words uttered by every mom. You probably rolled your eyes as you answered her—but hopefully not in her eyesight.

These old memories may not inspire great nostalgia; however, our moms have a valid point. Psychology Today verifies that living and working in a tidy space significantly decreases stress in your mind and body.

How can a little clutter in your life prevent you from feeling tranquil?

The very epitome of stress.

Psychologist, Sherrie Bourg Carter, states that “clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren’t necessary or important.”



Clutter can also:

  • Cause tension by making the person feel that he/she should be embarrassed
  • Distract your mind from thinking about worthwhile thoughts
  • Prevent easy access to your needed items (the ever-frustrating search for your cell phone).

As steadfast as you may be in your proclamation that you are unaffected by the “mess,” let’s be real, everyone feels better in a clean and tidy room. Your senses don’t have to battle against extra environmental stimuli (and no more frustrating searches for your cell phone).

It could be that you simply abhor the cleaning process. If you have more than one place to de-clutter and or tidy up, I strongly recommend tackling it all on different days to avoid putting it off and feeling overwhelmed. HGTV offers some great advice on how to effectively organize your space.

Once your work space or living area is de-cluttered and organized, ensure that you restore items to their intended places, otherwise the mess will grow and take on a life of its own.

It’s natural to feel relaxed in a tidy place.

Living and working in a clean and organized place will make you feel more happier and in control of your life. Organization is an easy and quick way to find serenity in your life.




  1. Zohra, if the feature photo is from your home I applause your tidiness! You may have finally convinced me to tackle the mess that is my room. Great read!

    1. I should have put up a personal picture from my home, I didn’t think of that!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I like that you mention putting things back where you find them. It’s definitely been the hardest rule I’ve had to learn on my journey to becoming organized – but it’s become easier since a coworker of mine taught me the “One Touch” mantra. Instead of tossing your jacket on the chair and then hanging it up later [2 touches] hang the jacket up as soon as you take it off [1 touch]. Sounds silly, but it’s simple and it works!

    1. Thanks Tandi!
      The “one touch” mantra is gold. Little things like that go a long way. I’m glad that you mentioned that awesome tip 🙂

  3. I tried to read Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ whose method consists of gathering together all of one’s belongings, one category at a time, and then keeping only those things that “spark joy”.

    I soon realized how many things I held onto out of guilt! It really helped me to organize my home (until I moved in with a hoarding boyfriend.) That’s a work in progress.

    As an organized woman, I suggest you give it a read!

    Love your blog. Very practical and well written.

  4. Zohra! This is so true! I have experienced how cleaning and organizing the place gives us the peace of mind! Am glad to have learned about the science behind it today!

  5. You hear this often but this article really made me think how much less stress my life could be because tidying up takes time when there’s a lot of clutter. So just get rid of stuff you really don’t need/use and life is simpler and less stress! So simple but effective. Thanks for the post and I love your other posts as well! Looking forward to reading more practical tips!!

  6. This is truly an amazing tip. It’s so simple and so effective. To explain it deeper with reference to the psychological impacts it has, makes this an amazing post.
    Thanks for sharing!

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